Wellness Workshops

Welcome to El Arbol de Vida Wellness Workshops!
El Arbol de Vida would like to invite you to these affordable wellness workshops are live via zoom.  Unprecedented times merit unprecedented actions!  One of the most revolutionary things you can do to create social change is to personal liberation.  My wellness workshops are designed for those that are ready to do the hard work of caring for yourself in order to be effective when you care for others.  These workshops provide tools and resources on how to resource yourself, especially during difficult times.  Workshops will include yoga asana (postures), meditation practices, breathing (pranayama) techniques, journaling, small group discussions, and an occasional guest.
Please consider supporting El Arbol de Vida Wellness Workshops so that I can continue to providing them.  My offerings are below market value in order to allow for everybody to be able to afford them.  Workshops are a unique way to heal in community and individually.  They allow us to explore all the different dimensions of yoga and other indigenous healing modalities across the world.

Workshop Descriptions

Dates, Time, & Pricing

Saturdays @  10:30am-12:00pm

September 26, October 17, November 21, December 12


 Monthly Unlimited Memberships DISCOUNTED: $15.00

Drop-in Rates: $25.00