Educational Wellness Programs

The Educational Wellness Programs are well-designed series of student workshops that allow them to further their health and wellness knowledge.  The workshops are practical and will allow students to immediately apply the relaxation and wellness techniques they learn.  Educational sessions are typically 1.5 hours and are tailored to fit your program’s needs.  All sessions include a formal presentation a well as physical yoga practice, meditations, and mindful living techniques.  You will have the option to purchase a series of workshops or individual sessions.  Programs are individually designed to meet your program’s needs.

Eva Amezola has 18 years of experience working in educational settings and non-profit organizations. Previously, she worked with the Federal Department of Education’s Upward Bound Programs for twelve years where she oversaw college support programs and integrated social justice frameworks with yoga and mindfulness living.  She has dedicated her educational career to serving low-income and first-generation students and individuals from all walks of life.  Eva teachers yoga for social change and integrates this philosophy into her Educational Wellness Programs.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Present research-based information on how wellness impacts our physiological systems.
  2. Explore the different physiological systems and their effects on wellbeing.
  3. Provide practical strategies on how to implement yoga and meditation into a student’s daily life to help promote overall wellness, while decreasing stress and anxiety.
  4. Provide strategies on how to create social change with yoga.


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