Yoga Classes

My teaching philosophy is that Yoga is for every-BODY and I make sure you feel comfortable in my classes.  I offer modifications in all my classes to ensure that all bodies are able to yoke.  Yoga is the connection between body, mind, and spirit.  To “yoke" is to experience that connection.  I teach all levels within the same class.

Class Descriptions

Gentle Flow Yoga

Gentle Flow yoga uses bodily posture and breathing techniques throughout the class.  Postures are designed to strengthen and stretch the body which helps to promote balance and flexibility.  The class explores both beginning and intermediate poses.  This class is recommended for anybody, but especialy those that are seeking a gengle class to unwind, relax, and renew.  Modifications are always available as class is taught for all levels. 

Mondays 6pm-7pm

Yoga Teacher: Denise Ortiz

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga postures help quiet the mind and move into a deep sense of relaxation.  This class consist of a series of passive yoga postures as well as postures that we hold for an extended period of time.  This class also offers extended perios of meditations that help quiet the mind.  If you are experiencing stress or if you are simply looking for a class that will help you unwind this class is for you.

Wednesdays 6pm-7pm

Yoga Teacher: Vivian Diaz

Restorative & Deep Stretch Yoga

Restorative & Deep stretch yoga consist of passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body.  If you are looking for a class that will provide a deep streatch and at the same time passive time to restore and regenerate this class is for you. 

1st & 3rd Sunday of the month 5pm-6pm

Yoga Teacher: Eva Amezola


Weekly Schedule

Monthly Unlimited: $55.00

Drop-in Rate: $10.00

Students & Seniors: $25.00 Monthly Unlimited

NEW Members: $25.00 Monthly Unlimited

1st Class FREE for ALL

Special Note:

If anybody who would like to benefit from yoga is struggling to pay for my classes, please let me know.  I will provide need-based scholarships to all those in need.


Gentle Flow @ 6pm


Restorative Yoga @ 6pm


Restorative & Deep Stretch Yoga @ 5pm

*1st & 3rd Sunday of the month ONLY

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